Instagram just became my favourite travel planning tool.

After all this time, I can finally justify the hours spent mindlessly flicking through Instagram*.

A little while ago, I shed a small tear when Instagram eliminated the map feature. I adored it for researching where to eat in a new city. I just had to figure out whereabouts in the city I was headed and then see what food posts in that area caught my eye. It was a beautiful thing, I tell you.

When Instagram removed it, I was pretty damn sad. After all, as much fun as the platform was in the inspirational phase of travel, I really, really wanted it to be useful in the actual planning phase. It was so close, yet so far. I had to continue to content myself with screencapping and saving photos. Sigh.

Until...Instagram replaced its maps feature with saved posts! Tra la laaaaa!

Now, we could (assuredly uncreepily) save photos within the platform, eliminating the need to screencap and save. Hurrah! Needless to say, I was pretty damn happy.

But wait...there's more.

Shortly after the saved posts debuted, Instagram added the ability to create Collections, meaning you could essentially categorise your saved posts. A Collection for local restos to try, a Collection for your trip to Japan, a Collection for whenever it is you eventually make it to Argentina. Boom. 


I now have dozens of Collections and they have made it so much easier for travel planning. I used the Collection feature for my recent Southern US road trip and it was wonderful to be able to go back and reference certain posts and then also check in to see if the accounts had posted anything new (and worthwhile) since I'd saved the initial post. 

If you're a traveller and an Instagrammer, you absolutely have to be taking advantage of this feature. And if you're a travel brand, you may want to check out my article for Stormfree Agency on how to leverage this new little Insta feature for your business.

Now if only Instagram would bring back the maps so you could map out your own Collections......


*I really can't...