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Hey! I'm Lindsay, a marketer, tourism pro, adventure seeker, and cheese fiend. 

I have more than ten years' experience in marketing and tourism, leading the marketing department at Urban Adventures, developing food and beverage tourism strategies for DMOs with the Culinary Tourism Alliance, and founding Stormfree Agency.

I have a Master's in Tourism Management (Distinction) from the University of Surrey (2010) and a BA in Geography from the University of British Columbia (2007). In 2015 I was named to the Phocuswright Young Leaders Class of 35 Under 35

I've climbed Mount Kinabalu, cycled across the Netherlands, and skydived in Namibia. I've had braai in South Africa, yum cha in Hong Kong, ceviche in Peru, and visited wine regions in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, and Canada. 

I speak varying levels of French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Icelandic, and I've done an entire Twitter chat in animated GIFs. It's a skill, I swear.

Want more dirt? It's all on LinkedIn.



Need a marketing brain? I've got one! 
I've worked in-house and with a variety of clients on marketing projects, content creation, and strategy.

Here are the services I offer - if you'd like to hire me for these or other marketing projects, get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the site or email me at hello@lindsay-young.com.



Just starting out or hitting the reset button? Never had a marketing strategy before? 


I've put together marketing strategies that were digitally focused and ones that were solely B2B driven, ones with zero budget (yes, really) and ones with budgets of upwards of $100K. Needless to say, I know how to build creative, resourceful, and clever strategies that yield results.

I'll work with you and your team to understand your company's goals, budget, and personality and put together a smart marketing strategy that you can actually use. No fifty page dissertations that'll never see the light of day, I promise.



Content marketing continues to reign supreme, and if you're not in it, you're never going to win it.

That being said, it doesn't take much to succeed at the content marketing game. In my experience, it just takes a bit of time, a bit more brains, and a bit more heart. Yep - smart, honest, genuinely valuable content wins every time.

Whether you need a high level content strategy, a structured (and realistic) content calendar, or just plain need to create some content, I can help you figure out what you need to do, show you how to do it, or just do it for you.

Just don't ask me to help you go viral.



Want to develop a campaign? 

Have a campaign you need executed?

Need a social media strategy?

Launching a brand website or blog and not sure which way is up?

I love projects and would love to help you make the most of yours. Whether you need support in the development or execution phase (or both!), I'm an efficient project manager and am up for tackling whatever marketing project you have...

...especially if it involves food, wine, cheese, or travel ;)

More details on my current clients and projects.


I mostly write about marketing and tourism, but every now and then I just write about what strikes my fancy. Those are probably the most interesting things to read...




...almost as much as I like to travel!

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